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About My Cash Flow Academy

Meet My Cash Flow Academy (CFA) Founder and Head Program Creator, Athena Paquette Cormier, M.A.


Athena is an experienced real estate investor who made her first million at 30 years old. She was out of the rat race not once but twice rebuilding her wealth after a debilitating divorce. During her career as an investor, mentor, and licensed mortgage broker, she has coached “average” income earners into becoming real estate investing millionaires.


Over the last 25 years, she has helped both salaried and independent contractors create a clear path and to learning successful and repeatable real estate investment strategies. She doesn’t believe in the “get rich quick schemes” that currently proliferate the internet, and is concerned with people falling victim to real estate investment gurus who have little or no practical experience.


If you’re interested in creating cash flow for life, then you’ll love the My Cash Flow Academy programs and online community.




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Don't know where to start? Learn the basics with the
My Cash Flow Academy Training Manual
Dive into 11 modules, providing you knowledge on: