Is Cannabis Real Estate Investing a Good Idea?

Is Cannabis Real Estate Investing a Good Idea?

Is Cannabis Real Estate Investing a Good Idea – If you are looking for Is Cannabis Real Estate Investing a Good Idea, then watch this video to learn everything you need to know about Is Cannabis Real Estate Investing a Good Idea

 Have you thought: Wow the cannabis business is booming especially it seems since Covid19 shutdown started! Maybe it’s time for me to profit from this business!

 You have probably heard more and more over the last 2 years about investing in real estate that involves the cultivation, production and distribution of Cannabis.

 You may have even seen listings on the MLS that tag a property as Cannabis friendly (I saw a couple in Lancaster last week). but who do you finance it with since this is still illegal at the federal level?

Where does the profit go since you cannot deposit the money into a federally insured bank? and what if the law changes?

What is the play here? Should you own the land? Should you own the commercial building or strip mall that they rent from?

Is a cannabis business a good tenant? with lack of documentation how do you qualify them income and asset-wise?

 How reliable is the reporting of the profit and loss given all this?

 Will you be left holding the bag of a dud investment?

 Will you be a landlord of a company that can no longer pay cause they cannot legally exist? or is CA a safe haven?

 Is the reward now worth that risk?

 As a residential real estate investor: Can you stop a tenant from smoking in your house or apartment building?

California Attorney, Realtor and Property Manager, Embert Madison specializes in contracts and negotiations involving real estate that serves the cannabis industry. and find out how it works, the profits being made and the legalities of it all

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