New Date 5/14 : Creating an ADU in 3 months with Zennihome!

New Date 5/14 : Creating an ADU in 3 months with Zennihome!
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Date(s) - 05/14/2022
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Dear WIIN member,

As you probably are aware of by now, I am a strong advocate for affordable housing.

The greatest impediments to a real solution: cost, timing/speed of construction and land/space.

Turning ugly into pretty has been part of my mortgage production goal since 1995 when I was originating AND underwriting the FHA 203k (rehab) loan.

That was a great solution at the time.

More recently working with HomeNow an agency for homeless that I am opening some of my units to in Indy.

The last few years, but more so the last 2 years, I have been looking for the most affordable and easiest fastest way to get more housing units on the market. I have shared some of those conversations with you. and here is the newest chapter!

This week, I am chatting with Bob Worsley of Zennihome.

First of all they ship all over the world. Most factory built (modular/prefab) companies I interviewed are not shipping outside of, at most, 2 or 3 states.

Many of these companies had their prototype but are not yet in production or don’t own the factory to produce their homes. Both major blocks to getting our goal met. Zennihome has the factories and is already building. AND their architect , co-founder, has built 100s of spec homes.

Bob is doing it in a responsible way. He takes shuttered properties that are an eyesore and are possibly a danger to the environment and community that surrounds them. He repurposes them, cleans them up, gives them a new life and gives the community something to be proud of and jobs.

Like their factory in AZ is in Page a Navajo Generating Station that used to be a coal plant. shuttered with many lost jobs. This is exactly what the Opportunity Zone program of the 2017 tax bill was designed to do.

Not only are they building these beautiful homes but
they are taking it to another level: 100 unit apartment/mixed use building in Mesa AZ.

I have invited Bob to educate us on his product, process of building and shipping from AZ to wherever, timeframes as well as cost.

Some of us in My Cash Flow Academy Community have the land ready to go we just need the best solution.

I also can’t help but ask him about being a senator for 3 terms, creating, growing and selling the In Flight shopping catalog Skymall to Rupert Murdoc and what lead him to found NZ Legacy and Novo Power 2 Renewable Energy companies and mineral exploration companies.

Yes he is a real estate investor in the truest sense. He owns 100,000 acres and 1 MILLION acres in mineral rights.

Buckle Up! This will be a fast paced and enlightening take on modular homes.

Click here to join us Saturday 5/14 at noon:
Passcode: 390890

Or Call In:
(669) 900 6833
Webinar ID: 837 6634 9143
Passcode: 390890

Cheers and Happy Investing!


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