Cash Flow Academy Training Manual




Are you independent, love to read, mark up the pages and read over again. You probably will with the Cash Flow Academy manual. Are you mostly a visual learner and the videos do you no good or the podcast doesn’t help – then the written manual is for you!

You will be able to be able to dive into the 11 modules which explain everything from seeing a good deal versus a bad one, how to buy with little or no money down even if you are not a veteran, you will be walked through several examples of how to calculate the ROI on all different property types, how to improve your credit score to get the best loan and examples of before and afters  of credit reports hat the coaches at CFA fixed, and much more.

The modules include:

Module 1, Real Estate Investing Basics

Module 2, No-Money Investing Strategies

Module 3, Small-Money Investments

Module 4, Medium-Money Investments

Module 5, Big-Money Investments

Module 6, ROI: Understanding the REAL Return on Your Investment

Module 7, How to Determine Your Number!

Module 8, Money and Risk

Module 9, Resolving Credit Issues

Module 10, How to Get Cheap Financing. Oh, Yes, You Can!

Module 11, The Language of Investing

Bonus module, Money Mindset – Overcoming the Roadblocks to Creating Wealth.

After tearing this apart you may want to join the community and troubleshoot deals and find deals and maybe even part on deals and we would love to have you.

This is the print edition of our comprehensive training manual, which will be shipping to your address upon purchase.


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