Create a Lifetime of My Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investments
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Create a Lifetime of Cash Flow
Through Real Estate Investments

About My Cash Flow Academy

My Cash Flow Academy is a time tested proven method and community that leads the average investor to smart investing and a lifetime of passive income cash flow. Avoiding blind investing disasters that are common without it.

We teach “average income earners” how to be successful at real estate investing, by giving them
the tools, knowledge and support so they can buy their first or next property in 3-6 months.

We provide online learning, live coaching, and in-person events to help our
students learn how to think, do and invest like a successful real estate investor.

Our goal is to help everybody who has the desire to be financially
free a pathway to creating cashflow for life and invest like a pro.

Why Choose Us?

Proven, systematic approach to real estate investing success

Go-at-your own pace online learning system

Advanced, personalized one-on-one live coaching

First investment in 3-6 months

Exclusive invitations to live events and member-only discounts

Little to no experience welcomed

My Cash Flow Academy Courses

Basic Training Course

Learn how to begin with real estate investing, how much money you need to get started, or which investments would be best suited for you. We can help you get clear on your path, get help from the My Cash Flow Academy community, and get on a fast track to your goal of having passive income.

Intermediate Training

You’re ready to buy a property, but the problem is that you’re not sure which investment is right for you, and you are still feeling unsure in your ability to determine a good deal from a bad deal. What you need now is to learn how to do your Due Diligence so you can determine whether an investment is suitable, right, or should be passed up.


Coming June 2020

Advanced Fast Track Course

You are an experienced investor, with at least one property, and you’re ready to explore other opportunities and maximize your real estate investments. You want to leverage your current properties for maximum cash flow, but what’s the right approach?


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My Cash Flow Academy Manual

Are you independent, love to read, mark up the pages and read over
again. You probably will with the My Cash Flow Academy manual. Are you
mostly a visual learner and the videos do you no good or the podcast
doesn’t help – then the written manual is for you!

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Don't know where to start? Learn the basics with the
My Cash Flow Academy Training Manual
Dive into 11 modules, providing you knowledge on: