Real Estate from AtoZ Creating Cash Flow for Life

Real Estate from AtoZ Creating Cash Flow for Life
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Date(s) - 04/21/2022 - 04/28/2022
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Have you been thinking that buying rental real estate might be your next goal? Creating cash flow for retirement? Have you wondered how you too can get in the game wit not too much money?

Are you a first time buyer thinking the ONLY way you can afford to buy in the South Bay is if you have rental income to help?

In this content rich, action packed 2 night class you will learn:

  • The 3 ways to buy rental property with little or no money down
  • Where to invest if you have small money, medium money and BIG money
  • How to create a 10% return
  • Where to buy out of state for the best returns
  • How to recognize a good deal and how to spot and run away from a bad deal – due diligence
  • How to invest successfully in short term rental
  • How to buy an apartment building with little or no money down
  • How to buy real estate in your IRA
  • How to be the BANK not tenants just CASH FLOW
  • The top 5 websites to use for property analysis, search deals and successful management.
  • And more…


We hope you can join us!

All attendees will get the recoding of the class and the 100 page manual after the 2nd night.

Register now:  

  • Discover the small money investments ($0 to $20,000 invested) tax liens, small plexes, etc.
  • How to calculate ROI on a small deal
  • Types of financing even if you think you don’t qualify
  • How to finance a property when your tax returns show very little income
  • Sources of funds to do your first deal
  • Discover the One Income Rule Every Successful Investor Must Know.
  • Discover how to go through the numbers and determine what is a good investment and what’s a bad investment.
  • Discover how to calculate the “true” return on an investment property.
  • Understand how to minimize taxes through real estate’s phantom losses (ie the tax benefits of owning real estate)
  • Why real estate is a better investment than securities
  • Real life case studies of recently purchased properties that yielded 15%+ return and why, where and how we did it
  • What is a BRRR and how to get infinite returns from them (infinite = cash flow with none of your money in it)
  • What to buy when you have Medium to big money ($20,000 and up)
  • How to buy an apartment building
  • How to fix and flip a property.
  • How to fix and flip land.
  • How to hire a property manager.
  • How to determine your personal risk tolerance (very important).
  • How to talk like an investor to get
  • How to buy a property that will work for STR (short term rentals like VRBO AirBnB) and where it won’t
  • How to be the bank and earn double digits
  • How to Invest Out-of-State and where?
  • Do you need an LLC or corporation to be successful?
  • How to do Due Diligence.
  • Discover resources that will continue to support you on your real estate investment journey.
  • Bring your questions!

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