We took that leap off the cliff and looking back at it, it wasn’t so high. Now, we are looking to get a second property but this time out of state. That cash flow property is just waiting for us to buy. In your face again Jones’s! Buying a 2nd property only after two years is something I couldn’t fathom especially since these two years included getting married and a honeymoon. Friends do look at us weird wondering how we can afford to even consider a 2nd property.

We wouldn’t be in this position if we didn’t have the right teacher. Thank you for all your guidance.

Kyle F.

Aerospace Technician

I first met Athena about six years ago at the class she teaches at Torrance Adult School.

 I was so inspired by her class that I had the confidence to start shopping for income property.

I eventually purchased 2  buildings (9 doors) of cash flowing property.  I have also played the game Cash Flow.  It really teaches you how to think about all of your money, big and small.  I am now comfortable to venture beyond CD’s and savings accounts.  

Athena acts as a mentor and I feel like she is rooting for everyone’s financial success.  

Over the last five years my annual income and my net worth have both substantially increased.  I am a high school graduate and do clerical work, anyone can be an investor with a little guidance.

Janet B.

City Government Administrator

My only regret with the Cash Flow Academy course is that I didn’t take advantage of these principles when I learned them in Athena’s 3-hour class 10 years ago. The CFA course is much more in depth which gave me confidence when analyzing properties and making an offer. The three biggest benefits I received from this class are 1) changing my brain to think like an investor; 2) finding money I didn’t know I was allowed to use in my retirement accounts (now earning 11% interest rather than 4%); and 3) the Go See trips. 
If I could only pick one it would be the Go See trips. We get to tag along with a millionaire real estate investor and listen to how she evaluates properties when she looks at them. Even better, she lets the students have first chance to make an offer, but if we don’t, she will buy the good deals. This shows these are really profitable deals, not just something she does to placate the class. I would not own an investment property today if I had not attended both the CFA class and Go See trip. 
James B.

Retail Project Manager

“I’ve known Athena for nearly 20 years. I’ve learned a lot from her, and I’m thrilled that she’s launching Cash Flow Academy and sharing her knowledge with the world.  I have attended several of the real estate workshops that Athena has hosted over the years and learned more there than most of the high-priced real-estate guru courses that I purchased.  Athena is a passionate real-estate investor herself and she gives sound straight forward advice that you can benefit from whether you are a newbie or seasoned investor.  Let Athena help you get out of the rat race too!

Renee R.

Finance Program Manager, Land Rush Now

My adventure with Athena started with her classes at Torrance Adult School where she helped me understand the value in purchasing rental property.  At that time, she helped me kick-start purchases in California and those investments have grown significantly in value as well as cash flow over the years.  Along the way she introduced me to key members of my team and welcomed me into her community so I could exchange information with other investors.  Taking her Cashflow Academy class further reinforced what I learned over the years and exposed me to other ideas and concepts I had not thought about previously.  This course motivated me to look outside California to get better returns in the current investment environment and she was with me along the way–introducing me to the teams she worked with in Florida and Indiana.  Now, a few short months later I am closing on my first out-of-state deal which I would never have found without her help!  It’s great to find someone so successful in the real estate business that truly wants to help others succeed.  Thank you, Athena!



I first met Athena Paquette when I took her real estate class at a local adult school. The way she conveys information about real estate investing is so practical and user-friendly that I signed up for Cash Flow Academy as soon as it launched to continue my learning online. I’ve benefitted immensely from the community she has built, especially of women in investing. I’m now happy to say that I just put in my first offer on an investment property and it wouldn’t have happened so quickly without Cash Flow Academy and Athena guiding me every step of the way! Thank you, Athena!

Sepideh S.



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