What is Cash Flow Academy?

Cash Flow Academy is a Proven, Systematic Approach to Real Estate Investing Success.  We provide online learning, live coaching, and in-person events to help our students learn how to think, do, and invest like a successful real estate investor.

What makes you different than other online real estate investment platforms?

Our learning process is a systematic, step-by-step system that will lessen the confusion around real estate investing. We teach “average income earners” how to be successful at real estate investing, give them tools so they can buy their first or next property in 3-6 months, and more importantly, how to create a lifetime of cash flow.

Do I need investing experience to take a Cash Flow Academy course?

Cash Flow Academy is for beginners (those with no knowledge or experience) and intermediate real estate investors (those with some knowledge and may or may not have an investment property).

Our goal is to increase your real estate investing I.Q. and boost confidence so you can buy a property…and feel good about the decision.

How soon can I buy a property after taking your programs?

We know you want the fastest path to cash so we’ve designed the program to do just that; if you follow our step-by-step process it is likely that you could do your first purchase after 3-6 months.  Just imagine, if you start today then you’d be months closer to making your cash flow dreams a reality.

Do you sell properties?

No. This is an education only platform, but we are currently curating affiliate partners that you can work with and your personal coach is always happy to make quality referrals.

Do you get commissions on what I buy?

We only get commission from our affiliates if and when you buy one of their programs, but there’s never any pressure. We want you to be a success so you’ll refer your friends and family to Cash Flow Academy.

Who is your ideal student?

Our ideal student is eager to learn and wants a life time of real estate investing knowledge. Our system is designed to give you the power to go anywhere in the United States and be able to determine if an investment is good or bad, how to build teams, and to teach you to think differently about money. It’s a system of empowered learning.

 We do not cater to students who want a get rich quick platform or who are interested in “turn-key” properties.  We believe that the best way to complete financial freedom is through knowledge and discernment.

Can you tell me about your training modules?

There are three systems, Basic Training for newbies, Infantry Training for intermediate students (those who want to know how to create business entities and create out-of-state teams), and Advanced Individual Training for experienced investors who want more hands on help in the areas of due diligence, lending, and financial coaching. The first two programs are a go-at-your own pace online learning system. The third program is a personalized one-to-one coaching program where you are assigned a personal coach.

How Much Do Your Programs Cost?

Our learning programs are an investment in a life time of building cash flow and start at $1495. Again, these programs are designed to help you increase your real estate investing know-how. You can also visit our library or Facebook page for free learning opportunities.

Do you guarantee results?

Each module is followed with a quiz so you’ll know that you’re on the fastest track to learning. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.  However, because this is a digital product with total download access and can’t be returned, we do not offer refunds. Click here for a REE preview of the CFA Basic Training program. We want you to be thrilled with your decision to join the CFA program. 

What are my next steps?

Go to our Start Here page and choose the program that is best for you!


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