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 2 months (4 calls) with CFA coach and guests.  Credited if you upgrade to the year subscription. Membership also includes fee waivers on many of our live events and members only live events.


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The membership is a twice-monthly call with a CFA coach and guest facilitators that covers short lessons on investing topics and deal overview, analysis, and numbers crunching and off-market deals are also discussed. Guest hosts include realtors, prop managers, money guys, insurance people, that are part of the CFA team, and are the boots on the ground for us across the country in talking deals. We go over the mechanics of the deal-making, the deal managing, and troubleshoot bumps along the way. This is a true mastermind group so only serious players should join.

Membership also includes fee waivers on many of our live events and members’ only live events.

Dear Future Investor,

You are an independent thinker determined to have control over your financial future and live your version of the good life. You want to be debt-free and travel, take memorable vacations, retire in comfort, send your kids to college, or help take care of a loved one

And because you’re independent, you don’t like your financial future is at the mercy of your job, clients, or changing government regulations.

You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, putting money in a retirement account that you know won’t support you in your golden years.

You want out of the rat race and you know that real estate investing is the key. The problem is that you have no idea how to begin, how much money you need to get started, or which investments would be best suited for you.

You’ve been trying to figure it out yourself by reading market reports, buying books, researching online, taking courses and
seminars, but you still don’t have a clear path to success.
You are in the right place. We can help you get clear on your path, have the CFA community to help you and fast track to
your goal of having passive income!


  • Create a clear and fast path to cash flow
  • Get started investing with $0 to $20,000.
  • Determine the best investments if you have more to invest but you’re unsure of your risk tolerance.
  • Find the BEST real estate investment strategy based on your age (how many years you have until retirement), risk tolerance, how much you need to live
  • Buy your first property.
  • Learn how to tell a good deal from a bad deal.
  • Overcome your fear of numbers (math).
  • Learn how to speak like an experienced
  • Learn the many categories of real estate investing (you’ll be amazed to learn how many opportunities there are).
  • Fix your credit issues and learn instead how to leverage your credit.

What’s Included:

11 Training Modules and more than 20 Videos.

Get 2 live coaching sessions with your CFA Certified Investment Coach per month during our group Q & A day.

Action steps you can take TODAY to help you secure your first investment

Live interaction each week with CFA Founder Athena Paquette Cormier, M.A. in our private Facebook group for CFA Members

Attend live Investor to Investor Mastermind’s with successful average income earners turned millionaires.

Receive reliable, spin-free, and current market news and exclusive real estate investing resources.

Receive a Free Bonus Module, “Money Mindset” to help you overcome mental roadblocks to financial success.

Lifetime access to our CFA Investor’s Club where you will receive exclusive invitations to live events and member-only discounts.

A Free downloadable PDF of our CFA illustrated manual for enhanced learning.


“We wouldn’t be in this position if we didn’t have the right teacher. Thank you for all your guidance.”
Kyle Frietas

My Cash Flow Academy Manual

Are you independent, love to read, mark up the pages and read over again. You probably will with the My Cash Flow Academy manual. Are you mostly a visual learner and the videos do you no good or the podcast doesn’t help – then the written manual is for you

Enroll Now

Start your life investment today!


“ I first met Athena about six years ago at the class she teaches at Torrance Adult School. I was so inspired by her class that I had the confidence to start shopping for income property.I eventually purchased 2 buildings (9 doors) of cash flowing property. I have also played the game Cash Flow. It really teaches you how to think about all of your money, big and small. I am now comfortable to venture beyond CD’s and savings accounts. Athena acts as a mentor and I feel like she is rooting for everyone’s financial success. Over the last five years my annual income and my net worth have both substantially increased. I am a high school graduate and do clerical work, anyone can be an investor with a little guidance. “
Janet B

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