“If you want something you’ve never had
You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
― Thomas Jefferson

Here we are, two months into the New Year and I wonder, have you been able to keep up with your New Year’s goals and objectives? (I don’t believe in resolutions.)

At the end of each year I do an assessment. What I learned, where I traveled to, and so on. Then, I look at the year ahead and plan new trips, and learning experiences. I do my best to get outside of the box, to do something I’ve never done.

What about you? Are you marching steadily towards your goals? If not, then today is a great day to begin!

Simply start by asking yourself, “What can I do differently than what I’ve done in the past in order to achieve my best-life goals?”

How far outside of your box can you go? Learn to dance, pay off debt, be a better friend by spending time with people you love. Maybe try an electronics free week.

Whatever it is – go for it. It’s uncomfortable, but eventually the uncomfortable becomes the new normal and you reach for the next step.

Let me know what you do differently this month!


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