Success Story: 

Sometimes the best deal isn’t even for sale. 

I recently had a friend who does house flipping decide she wasn’t going to keep one of her projects as a rental but flip it. The house was in a neighborhood that a client was wanting to buy in and had already missed out on 2 offers (people outbidding her). So when I heard that the “flipper” was going to sell I called her immediately saving the house flipper the trouble of marketing it and having people ruin the upgrades she did and saving her a ton of money in realtor costs. 

The buyer was so happy because she was maxed out on her qualifying at $600,000 and kept getting outbid. With no competition, she could offer full price and actually win ☺

It was a win-win for everyone!

Because I have so many people in my database and so many investor friends, I often hear of deals before they go to market, so be sure to invite your friends and co-workers to join my community now ☺

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