Success Story: Less money invested = higher cash on cash return!

I want to share with you a story of one of our past cash flow academy students (before there was a cash flow academy) who came to the TUSD Real estate investment class not once but 4 times and just bought his first investment property.

He bought a duplex out of state for $125,000. The gross income is $1700. The expenses are $602 per month leaving him with $1098 per month. (He paid cash but  we are going to fix that – read on).

So what s his return? Let’s do some easy-does-it-math…

$125,000  paid in cash for the property plus $4000 for closing costs = $129,000 total invested

$1098 x 12 months = $13,176  per year.

$13,176 per year in income divided by the amount invested $129,000 = 10.2% return.

I pointed out to him what leverage could do for him.

Get a mortgage of 75% of the value ($125,000 x 75%) = $93,750 left over equity/invested dollars in the property = $31,350

At 5% 30 year fixed = $503.27

What’s his return now?

$1098 – $503.27 payment = $594.73 per month x 12 = $7136.76 per year

Punchline: $7136.76 in yearly income / investment of $31,350 = 22.7% return

Less money invested =  higher cash on cash return!

Can I get a wowza?

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