Successful People are Flexible

Imagine you are about to retire and you assumed that your pension and savings would be enough. You pension and very little Social security since you are on a pension about to $2500 per month. Your 401k savings you thought was enough now is only going to last you 10 years if using a conservative rate. 

You think what can I do to have the $5000 per month that I need in 5-10 years?

Sam was thinking exactly that. He thought 5 years is coming up quicker than I thought what does it do?

Sam went to the Torrance Unified School District adult school class that I teach and his eyes were opened. He discovered that there were at least 5 ways he could make the “missing link” income he needed for retirement by investing in real estate.  

Real estate investing would be the key. 

He then signed up for my course on the foundation of real estate called My Cash Flow Academy, figured out his true number and joined the calls that the community has every 2 weeks. Sam made an offer on 5 properties for $50,000-$100,000 that would yield him $4800 per month. Some will have equity that he can cash in some will be pure cash flow for eternity. 

He is on his way and now has gotten his daughters involved in buying their first properties.

Sam is relieved that he took his finances back into his own hands and will have something other than stocks to rely on AND something that goes up in cash flow faster than his pension that is fixed.

I am so happy to have helped Sam and so many before him over the last 23 years of teaching real estate investing basics and taking people just like you to go see real estate investment property in a hand-on learning approach.

Life as an investor, parent, employee or employer, will present you situations where there is no page in the manual and no helpdesk to solve the problem. Successful people are flexible.

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