The Best Apps for Real Estate Investing

The Best Apps for Real Estate Investing

It’s a whole big world of real estate investing out there and apps change, get better or disappear. The internet has made doing due diligence a million times easier. 

When I started investing out of state I had to convince realtors in other states to take pics, develop them and send by mail to me… probably the biggest reason I didn’t invest out of state til 2000. Now it’s a whole new game with new apps coming out all the time!

These apps or websites vary from free to paid services for real estate investing. The ones I’ve listed here are mostly ones I use in pre-purchase due diligence. What you use also depends on who is on your team. I don’t know much about apps for property management since I leave it to my property managers to pick the strongest app they are comfortable with. I am hands off in that area except for monthly meetings with all my managers.

Some of my favorites apps are:

Rentometer: House and Apartment Rental Rate Comps to check rental comps though RentRange, Apartments for Rent – Apartment Finder, and Hotpads also have good data I like. – Stats about all US cities – real estate, relocation info, crime, house prices, cost of living, races, home value estimator, recent sales, income, photos, schools, maps, weather, neighborhoods, and more for crime and economic statistics

Best Places to Live for similar reasons and stats on employers and employment, demographics, and population numbers. to look up the ownership, loans against property and any other records that are public. This also pulls comps but for some areas the comps are not accurate (leave out a few) not sure why. So I always double check with my boots on the ground if it appears limited.

If I want to see if the duplex I am buying is really a duplex, or if that strange room at the back of a house is really permitted or a poor unpermitted add-on etc, I go to Home – Permit Report 

I have about 20 sites and apps I use on a regular basis but these are the ones that make my life easier in the biggest ways. 

I hope this helps but if you were looking for a specific area of real estate investing apps let me know and I’d be glad to share my favorite in a particular topic.

Cheers! Happy investing!


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