How To Find The Best Real Estate Online Training Course

How To Find The Best Real Estate Online Training Course

If you’re an average income earner looking to get the know-how and knowledge you need to buy your first investment property successfully, then a real estate online training course may be a great option for you. However, with a range of providers out there, how do you find the best real estate online course? Here are our top 3 tips.

1. Determine your criteria

The first step is deciding exactly what you want from an online real estate training course. Common criteria include:

  • Length of the course: are you looking for a short course (1-3 months) or a course you can access over a longer period of time (12 months)? If you have work commitments and a family, a longer course may be the better option.
  • Cost: There’s nothing to say a free course won’t be worthwhile, but if you’re serious about making profitable real estate investments, the best courses will come with a fee.
  • Teaching methods: Do you learn best via video or written coursework? Are you wanting access to coaching and Q&A monthly meetings? Always choose a course that suits your preferred learning methods.

Other criteria you should consider include the success rate of the course, the amount of coursework required, and the availability of the course/number of places.

2. Do your research

Once you have a clear idea of what you want from an online real estate course, spend some time researching the available options out there. Remember, it’s unlikely that all your criteria will be met by a single course, so keep your options open and ensure you read each course description thoroughly before settling on the best one for you. It may also be worth asking friends or family for recommendations – after all, you know they will give you their honest opinion.

3. Read reviews

As well as asking your friends and family for recommendations, take a look at the student testimonials of the online courses you are considering. These reviews will offer genuine insight into how the course is run, whether it’s worthwhile, and how many people have found success with the skills they learned.

At Cashflow Academy, we have a number of student testimonials on our website, and we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses to give teachers, small business owners, engineers, and independent contractors valuable real estate investment strategies. 

If you want more education on real estate investing, consider joining the Cash Flow Academy online training course. During this course, we will dive into how to find great properties and turn them into a source of passive income.

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